Richtek Brushless DC Motor Driver

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Low Acoustic Noise
Low Acoustic Noise

High-performance sensorless sinewave Field Oriented Control:
Partnering with a Tier 1 Japanese manufacturer, we have delivered a <25dBA low acoustic noise level on a 40W air purifier using Richtek motor driver IC.

Performance »

Robust Operation

Superior sinusoidal control algorithm:
Enables smooth motion and precise control without vibration even at low speeds.

Robust Operation
Smooth Start-up

Programmable soft-start control: Creates smooth start-up under sensorless operation.

Richtek BLDC motor driver without Hall effect sensor
Fast and smooth start-up
Conventional solution
Not smooth start-up (reverse motion)
Intelligent Control

Optimising product performance with Artificial Intelligence:
Delivers wide load range for multiple applications with unique Richtek algorithm.

Intelligent Control
Safety Assurance
Safety Assurance

Complying with UL IEC-60730-1 Class B safety certification:
Ensures safe operation under any firmware fault conditions.

Simplifying your designs

from product development through to launch

Embedded motor control library

Allows designers to evaluate the product performance in controlling BLDC motor driver.

Product development support

We provide product evaluation and development kits for IC firmware programming.

IC firmware reprogramming

Allows designers to modify designs even after the hardware is assembled in order to lower the risk of wasted stock.

Want to know more?

Richtek has developed a comprehensive Brushless DC motor driver solution which can be applied to home appliances, PMSM/BLDC motors, water pumps, and cooling fans. By leveraging MediaTek’s experience with wireless technology, we also provide Brushless DC motor driver solutions for IoT product designs. Increasingly, our Brushless DC motor driver solutions have been applied in other applications, such as in the automotive industry. Please visit the BLDC motor driver application pages and product pages for more information.

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