Analog Switches

Used to multiplex a variety of signals and route signals from different interface, making a simple system implementation.

Power Switches

To protect USB ports which have specific maximum current requirements, requiring short-circuit proof. We offer fixed or adjustable current limit level for selections.

Load Switches

Simple and easy-to-use solutions to turn on and off power supply rails in systems.

Power Muxes

To switch between subsystems with two different voltage levels. We provide different settings for seamless switchover options.

Documents and Tools

Selection Guides

Richtek Automotive Product Selection Guide 2025

Finding the right product for your automotive applications.

Richtek Product Selection Guide [Jan., 2024]

Start your project with our power solutions in no time.

Application Notes

Power Switches

Title Date Action
Analyzing VIN overstress in Power ICs 2016/07/01
The Reduction of Input Voltage Spike on Power Switches 2007/08/01