Intel Vcore Solutions

Supporting Intel specification, platform, and CPUs.

AMD Vcore Solutions

Supporting AMD specification, platform, and CPUs.

Reference Voltage Generators

Power supply adjustment for motherboard and graphic cards, or reference voltage circuit requiring low voltage, high accuracy.

Documents and Tools

Selection Guides

Richtek Selection Guide [Oct., 2022]

Finding a suitable product for your application.

Application Notes

Title Date Action
CPU Power Solution with Green-Native Adaptive Voltage Positioning (G-NAVP™) Topology 2022/11/30
Introduction to Richtek VCORE Solutions 2022/11/30
Component Design Approach and Layout Consideration of G-NAVPTM Topology 2022/11/26

Intel Vcore Solutions

Title Date Action
DCR Temperature Compensation 2022/11/30
Comparison of DCR Current Sense Topologies 2022/11/29