Design Tips

In this section you will find a selection of practical articles related to power management design, ranging from Measurement techniques, EMI troubleshooting to Failure Mode analysis.


How to reduce EMI in Buck converters, and build your own EMI probing tools

Reducing Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) in switch mode power supplies can be a challenge. This article provides several tips how to reduce EMI in buck converters and shows how to build simple EMI troubleshooting tools. more


How to measure light flicker in LED lamps

LED lamps with excessive light flicker can cause irritation, eye fatigue or headaches. This article explains how to build a simple light sensor that allows you to measure and calculate the percentage of light flicker of your LED lamp design. more


A simple way to test buck converter stability

Load transient testing is a quick way to check power converter behaviour on several aspects, such as unstable control loop, unstable input supply, slope compensation issues and layout problems. This article provides practical tips on how to build and use a fast load transient testing tool. more


Output Ripple Measurement Methods for DC-DC Converters

Measuring output voltage ripple can be a quick way to evaluate the performance of modern power converters and low dropout (LDO) devices. Different measurement methods may lead to the opposite evaluation results of the output ripple. How to obtain accurate ripple values becomes the most important part in ripple measurement. This article will introduce the practical method of output ripple voltage measurement to check the performance of DC-DC power converters. more


Design Tip

Buck Converter Stability checks using Richtek Fast Load Transient Tool. more