PFC Controllers

Boost Pre-conditioner for multi-stage AC-DC power factor correction.

Multi-Mode Flyback Controllers

Easy-to-use flyback PWM controllers featuring the smartjitterTM technology and sophisticated power save mode.

Secondary Side Regulators

Isolated secondary current controller designed for lighting applications that require power line isolation for safety and reliability.

Synchronous Rectifier Controllers

To drive power MOSFETs which replace the rectification diodes in the secondary side of SMPS for higher efficiency.

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Richtek Product Selection Guide [Jan., 2024]

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Application Notes

Title Date Action
Power Management Introduction 2014/11/01

Multi-Mode Flyback Controllers

Title Date Action
Feedback Control Design of Off-line Flyback Converter 2014/06/01
Cable Compensation of a Primary-Side-Regulation Power Supply 2014/04/05
How to Eliminate Over Stress of MOSFET during Start-up of Flyback Converter 2014/04/04
Conducted EMI Reduction by Means of Hybrid Common Chokes 2014/04/02