Backlight LED Drivers

Single string or multi-string LED drivers are suitable for small battery-powered devices or large LCD panel backlight applications with accurate dimming.

Flash LED Drivers

Providing both individual and integrated solutions to achieve high current LED flashlights for portable devices.

RGB & White LED Drivers

Offering RGB and white LED drivers for human-machine interfaces such as coloured-light on routers, wireless speakers, personal electronic applications, etc.

Documents and Tools

Selection Guides

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Richtek Selection Guide [Oct., 2021]

Helping you easily find required power management components in just a few minutes.

Richtek Automotive Product Selection Guide [Sep., 2022]

Finding the right product for your automotive applications.

Application Notes

Title Date Action
Minimizing Light Flicker in LED Lighting Applications 2022/09/06
Single-Stage High Power Factor Flyback for LED Lighting 2022/09/05
Power Management Introduction 2022/08/29

Backlight LED Drivers

Title Date Action
LED Backlight System and Power Solutions 2022/09/06

RGB & White LED Drivers

Title Date Action
Programmable Dual LDO Output Voltage and WLED Current with I2C Interface 2022/09/02