Transforming your lifestyle through USB Power Delivery

Supplying up to ten times the wattage of conventional charging, enabling fast charging across all devices, helping you make time for what matters to you more.

Leading experts in USB PD and Fast Charging technology

Building on the expertise of power management and digital control technology, we can ensure that the most innovative fast charging technology is fully compliant with the latest USB PD standards, offering more integrated total solutions.

Leading experts in USB PD and Fast Charging technology

Richtek’s AnyPowerTM technology fully supports the standard of USB PD Programmable Power Supply, precisely providing dynamic current and voltage regulation under different charging conditions, enabling our products with the PPS feature for the USB PD certification.


There is always a risk of a short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage or overload heating for USB PD applications when any connection misconduct results in cable damages. Richtek understands the importance of safety to USB PD applications, developing the PD SafeTM technology which provides robust protections.

Fast Charging Solutions

Based on unique AnyPowerTM and PD SafeTM technologies, Richtek has developed hardware and firmware USB PD solutions compliant with the latest fast charging mainstream standards for portable devices.

Fast Charging Solutions
Bringing Innovation to Power Delivery in the USB Ecosystem

Connecting devices with the USB PD standard allows all products to power each other.

USB PD Ecosystem
Total solutions for small-form-factor designs
Industry-leading High Integration
Unique Automotive Integration

Power adapter solutions for both primary side and secondary side with adaptive protection features provide high power level, and low EMI emission in small designs. The embedded driver in secondary side for controlling a synchronous rectifier optimises efficiency over 90% to meet both US DoE level VI & EU CoC Tier2 regulations.

Integration of USB PD with bi-directional buck-boost topology supports the standard of USB PD Programmable Power Supply and constant current/voltage control, providing thin, small and simplified designs for power banks.

AEC-Q100 automotive qualified integration of USB PD and Buck-Boost topology fulfils the requirements of current and future car chargers, making it a true industry-first one-chip solution for high power.

What We Offer

Richtek makes USB Type-C PD designs easier by offering extensive portfolio including Type-C Dual Role Power PD port controllers, Type-C cable e-Marker ICs and Power Delivery & DC-DC controllers. Our solutions have been successfully applied in the system designs for worldwide telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturers.