The RT9519A is an integrated single cell Li-ion battery charger with Auto Power Path Management (APPM). No external MOSFETs are required. The RT9519A enters sleep mode when power is removed. Charging tasks are optimized by using a control algorithm to vary the charge rate, including pre-charge mode, fast charge mode and constant voltage mode. For the RT9519A, the charge current can also be programmed with an external resistor and modified with an external GPIO. The scope that the battery regulation voltage can be modified with an external GPIO depends on the battery temperature. The internal thermal feedback circuitry regulates the die temperature to optimize the charge rate for all ambient temperatures. The charging task will always be terminated in constant voltage mode when the charging current reduces to the termination current of 10% x ICHG_FAST. Other features include under voltage protection and over voltage protection for VIN the supply.


  • Digital Cameras
  • PDAs and Smart Phones
  • Portable Instruments
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Linear Single Cell Li-lon Battery Charger with Auto Power Path Management2010/08/13
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Linear Single Cell Li-lon Battery Charger with Auto Power Path Management 2015/05/19