The e-mobility represents the idea of using electric power for a wide range of transportation types. It may equip with in-vehicle information, electric vehicle accessories, connected systems and more. Richtek provides easy-to-design and highly efficient power solutions for main control boards to support audio, lighting, accessories, and power the main MCU.

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Buck Converters LDO
Buck Converters
Buck Converters 1 - for e-Bikes : 24V~42Vin to 12Vout
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RTQ636360VIN, 3.5A, Asynchronous Step-Down Converter with Low Quiescent CurrentSwitching Regulators > Step-Down (Buck) Converters
Buck Converters 2 - for e-Bikes : 12Vin to 5Vout
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT6252A/RT6252B17V Input, 2A, ACOT® Buck Converter with Both FETs OC ProtectionSwitching Regulators > Step-Down (Buck) Converters
LDO - for e-Bikes: 12Vin to 3.3Vout
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT905836V, 2μA IQ, 100mA Low Dropout Voltage Linear RegulatorLinear Regulators > Single Output LDO