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Power Mangement Components for Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Applications [Oct., 2015]

ACOT™ (Advanced Constant-On Time) Synchronous Step-Down Converters [Oct., 2015]

Power IC Solutions for IoT/Portable/Wearable/Battery-Powered Applications [Sep., 2018]

Richtek Selection Guide [Oct., 2021]

Helping you easily find required power management components in just a few minutes.

Richtek Automotive Product Selection Guide [Sep., 2022]

Finding the right product for your automotive applications.

Application Notes

Step-Down (Buck)

Title Date Action
Current Ripple Factor of a Buck Converter 2022/09/06
ACOT® Stability Testing 2022/09/06
Buck Converter Selection Criteria 2022/09/06
Multi-Source Power Management Design 2022/09/06
Comparing Buck Converter Topologies 2022/09/06
RT2875 3A Automotive Buck Converter 2022/09/06
Reducing EMI in buck converters 2022/09/06
DC/DC Converter Testing with Fast Load Transient 2022/09/06
Richtek Designer Web Simulation Tool Technical Notes 2022/09/06
Analyzing VIN overstress in Power ICs 2022/09/05
The Calculation of Output DC Offset for ACOT™ Control Buck Converter with Feed-forward Compensator 2022/09/05
Car Battery Cold Crank Waveform Generator 2022/09/05
Modeling and Verification of Thermal Model for Power Management System 2022/09/05
SOT-23 FCOL Package Thermal Considerations 2022/09/05
RT6204 Wide Vin Buck Converter 2022/09/05
Compensation Design for Peak Current-Mode Buck Converters 2022/09/05
Analysis of Buck Converter Efficiency 2022/09/04
Basic Calculation of a Buck Converter’s Power Stage 2022/09/04
Understanding Thermal Characteristic of SOT-223 Package 2022/09/04
Powering Microcontrollers from Industrial Supply Rails 2022/09/01

Multi-Phase Step-Down

Title Date Action
How PCB Mismatch Affects Common-N DCR Current Sensing in Multi-phase Applications 2022/08/27