Quality & Reliability

In Richtek's commitment to meet the requirements as set forth in our Quality System, a full system is established involving express failure analysis, traceability system, supplier quality management, and reliability team.

Quality System Roadmap

Richtek employees are dedicated to providing the best customer experience; the execution is made possible by our Quality Management System. more

SQM (Supplier Quality Management)

As a fabless design house, all of Richtek's products are manufactured by suppliers. The whole supply chain of wafer foundry, assembly, testing, and taping-reel houses must be well managed for quality. This process is managed by Richtek's SQM team. This chart reveals the SQM team roles and tasks. more

Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering is applied to qualify packages, products and also to monitor the stability of the manufacturing process. Reliability tests at Richtek can be divided into two categories. Reliability testing results are analyzed for further circuit or process improvement. more

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis traces back the failure results of a device, part or component. It plays an important role in product quality. Effective improvement or preventive measures are based on accurate failure analysis results. Information collection, proper sample handling, proper analysis procedures, experience, historical database review and most importantly, logical judgment are key to accurate failure analysis. more


The top of each Richtek product is marked with our coding system. The picture below shows a sample of our IC code. more