FAQ (Pb-free/Green)

Richtek in agreement with our Environmental Policy offers the option of Pb-Free or Green products depending on customer's request. Please, review the FAQ to further assist your understanding of Richtek's Pb-free and Green products.

  1. Richtek's standard naming convention for Pb-free and Green products.
  2. Richtek's current Pb-free/ RoHS-compliant solution.
  3. All Pb-free or Green products are RoHS-compliance. 
  4. Richtek's conversion plan. 
  5. Soldering Temperature Profile for Pb-free or Green Products. 
  6. MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) Rating. 
  7. Pb-free backwards compatibility. 
  8. Tin Whisker growth evaluation.
  9. A post Matte Tin plating bake is implemented on Richtek's Pb-free or Green products. 
  10. Qualification process of Pb-free or Green products. 
  11. Storage Condition for Pb-free or Green products 

  1. Richtek's standard naming convention for Pb-free and Green products.
    Regarding part number, Richtek identifies the Pb-free and Green product as shown in Table II. For more detailed information, you may refer to the "Ordering Information" of the datasheet.
    Table II.
    Product TypePb-freeGreen
    Part Number IdentificationPG
  2. Richtek's current Pb-free/ RoHS-compliant solution.
    Richtek's elimination plan for Pb-contained products is to remove Pb from terminal finish. Richtek converts to Matte Tin as standard terminal finish at the beginning of 2005.
  3. All Pb-free or Green products are RoHS-compliance.
    Pb-free or Green packages offered by Richtek are RoHS-compliant. RoHS-compliance means that the part is free of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6), Mercury (Hg), PBB's and PBDEs. Since none of our processes or parts use or contain Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, PBB's and PBDEs, Lead is the only restriction of the use of hazardous substance that applies to our parts. If Richtek designates that a part is Pb-free or Green, it is also RoHS-compliant.
  4. Richtek's conversion plan.
    The Pb-contained products are gradually phased out and starting from 2006/01/01, Richtek offers the option of Pb-Free or Green products upon customer's requests. Customers are invited to decide on "last time orders" for their requirements and exceptions to Pb-contained products order are negotiable in advance. If you have any trouble about delivery of Pb-contained products, please kindly contact Richtek's sales or agents in charge of your business.
  5. Soldering Temperature Profile for Pb-free or Green Products.
    Our goal is to meet the industry standard for Reflow that is mostly defined in J-STD-020C, which requires a maximum peak of 260ºC depending on the component volume. Richtek advises reflow profiles should conform to J-STD-020C.

    Average ramp-up rate (include 217oC to Peak) Max 3oC/second
    Preheat temperature 175(+-25) oC 60 to 180 seconds
    Temperature maintained above 217oC 60 to 150 seconds
    Time within 5oC of actual peak temperature 20 - 40 seconds
    Peak temperature (minimum) 260 +0/-5oC
    Ramp-down rate 6oC /second max.
    Time 25oC to peak temperature 8 minutes max.
  6. MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) Rating.
    All reliability test methods are performed according to MIL-STD or EIA/JEDEC Standards (JESD22-A113-C, J-STD-020C). After each reliability test, the functional test is performed to verify the performance of products. All Pb-free or Green products belong to MSL 3.
    Test Flow
    1Initial External Visaul Test Optical Microscope over 40X
    2Initial Electrical Testt functional test program, Equipment name  
    3Initial SAM C-SAMcolor preferred
    4Bake125°C 24h  
    5Moisture Soak (Level III) 30°C / 60% 192h min Level 3
    6Reflow260°C 10sec / 217° 60 ~ 150sec must 3 cycles
    7Fianl External Visual Test Optical Microscope over40X
    8Final Electrical Test Functional test program, Equipment name 
    9Final SAM C-SAMcolor preferred
  7. Pb-free backwards compatibility.
    Pb-free leadframe-based packages are backward compatible. This means that leadframe-based components with Matte Tin finish can be attached to a PCB using Tin/Lead solder paste with a Tin/Lead solder profile.
  8. Tin Whisker growth evaluation.
    All test methods of Tin Whisker are performed according to the whisker growth condition recommended by NEMI. Before the reliability test, all samples must pass OM visual inspection for initial quality verification to meet Richtek's specification. After the reliability test, all samples must pass SEM inspection for whisker change verification to meet <50 um specification.
  9. A post Matte Tin plating bake is implemented on Richtek's Pb-free or Green products.
    100% Matte Tin plated products undergo a post Tin plating bake for 1 hour at 150ºC within 24 hours of plating. This post plating bake is also referred to as "annealing" to inhibit the whisker growing.
  10. Qualification process of Pb-free or Green products.
    In order to ensure that the products meet the Pb-free or Green requirement, Richtek manages the substances by the following important processes.
  11. Storage Condition for Pb-free or Green products
    Richtek recommends the storage conditions as below.
    1. Calculated shelf life in sealed bag is 24 months at <40ºC and <90%RH.
    2. After the bag is opened, devices that will be subjected to reflow solder or other high temperature process must be
      a)Mounted within 168 hours of factory conditions < 30ºC and 60%RH, or
      b)Stored at <10%RH.
    3. Devices require bake, before mounting, if :
      a) Humidity Indicator Card is >10%
      b) 2a) or 2b) not met
    4. If baking is required, devices may be baked for 48 hours at 125+/-5ºC.