USB Type-C connector is taking over the world and Richtek can help

USB Type-C connection is finally becoming ubiquitous. Are you still looking for USB Type-C power solutions? Richtek has got you covered. We have developed USB Type-C PD products over the past few years. From travel adapters to system applications, we offer a complete product portfolio that can be used with our current sensing monitors, battery chargers, or battery fuel gauges. This removes design problems of compatibility originating from having different suppliers.

TCPC or TCPM Solutions?

For applications which require TCPC (USB Type-C Port Controllers), we offer both sink only PD controllers and bi-directional Buck-Boost controllers for single-/multiple- battery applications. For applications which require TCPM (USB Type-C port manager), we provide highly integrated PD and Buck-Boost controllers as well as discrete solutions. In the video, you will find out how to choose between TCPC and TCPM solutions and see what we offer.

Reference Designs of Travel Adapters

One of Richtek’s most popular reference designs is for travel adapters: RT7755 + RT7220A + RT7202K with over 30 million pieces shipped so far. In the video, we will explain why it is so popular as well as explain the key features of each product. For 65W small-sized travel adapters, we have launched the new total solution: RT7757 + RT7220D + RT7206K compact in size with high performance, which makes it an ideally small-sized choice like GaN adapters. Additionally, would you like to have a sneak peek on our latest USB PD 3.1 140W solution for tablet PCs?

▸ Featured products mentioned in the video:

RT7755GEKNew PWM Controller for Programmable Power Converter (USBPD) Download Datasheet
RT7220A Synchronous Rectifier Controller with Wide Output Voltage Operating Range Download Datasheet
RT7202KLANew Programmable Multi-Protocol Controller for 20V Output with Power Sharing Download Datasheet
RT4809New DC-DC Boost Converter for PWM Controller Download Datasheet
RT7206KDANew High-Integration Programmable Protocol Controller with Internal Feedback Compensation and Built-in Blocking N-MOSFETs Download Datasheet
Richtek total PD System Solutions

We have launched the RT1718S for multi-port TCPC applications. It has been widely used in AMD system platform, chrome books and other applications as well. To convert DC jacks to type-C port, we offer the RT1719, which is easy-to-use and hassle-free without any firmware setting. It can be applied in applications up to 100W. For TCPM applications, the RT7882 and the RT7885 can support up to 4S battery designs.

On the system side, we have the RT6190/1A/0G Buck-Boost control series, which have UL certifications. We will talk about their key features and the design examples of applications with 5S~7S batteries. We also have RTQ6050/2/3/6 current sensors to complete your designs.

▸ Featured products mentioned in the video:

RT1715 Programmable USB Type-C PD Controller Download Datasheet
RT7202 Highly Integrated USB PD Type-C Controller for SMPS Download Datasheet
RT1738CNew Type-C CC and SBU Short to VBUS Over-Voltage and IEC ESD Protection Switch Download Datasheet
RT1731A Cable ID for USB Type-C Cables
RTQ6053New High-Side or Low-Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Current and Power Monitor with 16-Bit ADC Op Amp/ Alert Download Datasheet


Check out the products that meet your area of interest for more information

RT1719 New
Sink Only USB Type-C PD Controller

PD 2.0 and 3.0 Compatible, supporting up to 100W of power.

All-in-One USB PD and Bidirectional PWM Buck-Boost Controller

Embedding an ARM CortexTM-M0 MCU, specially for USB power bank applications.

36V, 4-Switch Bidirectional Buck-Boost Controller with I2C Interface

Designed for USB power delivery with AnyPowerTM for constant voltage in 12.5mV/step and constant current in 9-bit resolution output settings.

RTQ6052 New
High-Side Measurement Current-Shunt Monitor with Comparator

Common-mode voltages from 2V to 80V, supporting 100V/V output voltage scale.

High-Side or Low-Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Current and Power Monitor
with 16-Bit ADC Op Amp/Alert

Sensing the current on common-mode bus voltage from 0V to 36V with I2C and SMBus compatible interface.

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