Richtek has partnered with MediaTek, working on various reference designs. The latest MediaTek SoC MT2715 evaluation board is a scalable In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) reference design, where many of the automotive power solutions are developed by Richtek, from Core, peripheral accessory power rails, USB PD chargers to camera and panel power solutions. In this video, Mr. Roland van Roy will talk about power management designs from the perspective of system level. You will be able to have a quick understanding what Richtek can offer for automotive infotainment systems.

MT2715 Reference Design with Richtek Automotive Power Solutions

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Featured New Automotive Products

RTQ2071-QA New
4-Regulator PMIC for Power over Coax automotive digital camera modules. AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified

Compliant with FMEA, the RTQ2071A/B-QA has 1x 2A HV Buck, 1x 1.5A LV Buck, 1x 0.75A LV Buck and 1x 0.3A LDO with 10 adj. output settings and 10 flexible power sequence.

RTQ2945A-QA New
42Vin, 5A, asynchronous Buck converter with 100µA low Iq. AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified

Featuring 100% duty-cycle, the RTQ2945A-QA has FMEA compliant pinout and built-in spread-spectrum frequency modulation, ideal for vehicle accessories, USB charging ports etc.

RTQ8306-QT Sampling
36-channel current sink LED driver for local dimming and animated lighting applications. AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified

Featuring 5mA to 60mA current and 12-bit PWM brightness, the RTQ8306-QT has 8-bit resolution, ideal for display and animated lighting.

RTQ7882-QT Sampling
USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck-Boost controller with AnyPowerTM and PD Safe®Features. AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified

Supporting USB PD PD3.0/PPS, the RTQ7882-QT with I2C interface & GPIOs has a built-in ARM CortexTM M0 MCU and supports power up to 100 watts.

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