Date Description
2023/12  Awarded by EE Awards Asia for the “Featured Green Tech Company”. 
2023/11  Achieved the 1st ranking in HP's Vendor Performance Business Review. 
2023/11  The “Best Supply Partner Award” from Gigabyte. 
2023/11  The “Outstanding Supplier Award” from Huaqin. 
2023/09  The VCORE+SPS solution has been awarded as the core power solution for the Intel IMVP9.3 Panther Lake reference validation platform. 
2023/08  The “Technical Innovation Award” from Unimicron. 
2023/08  The “Best Delivery Award” from VIVO. 
2023/06  The “Best Supply Partner Award” from Wistron. 
2023/05  The “Diamond Supplier Award” from Lenovo. 
2023/05  The “Excellent Supplier Award” from Changhong. 
2023/03  The “Special Contribution Award” from AUO. 
2023/03  The “Best Supply Partner Award” from Quanta. 
2023/03  The compact automotive FuSa certified Camera PMIC series has been adopted by customers worldwide. customers across 60 different models. 
2022/12  Audio power amplifier-RT9120S design-win in tier1 electronics manufacturer. for 8K TV application. 
2022/12  Awarded “EE Awards Asia 2022 Featured Green Tech Company”. 
2022/11  The “2022 Taiwan Enterprise i Sports Award” from Sports Administration, Ministry of Education. 
2022/08  Vcore solutions design-win in Taiwan tier1 motherboard manufacturer. 
2022/07  Automotive CIS/CCM PMIC-RTQ2076 design-in in Korea tier1 company for camera application. 
2022/06  USB Type-C interface over-voltage protection IC-RT1738A design-win in Japan tier1 electronics manufacturer for note PC application. 
2022/05  USB Type-C audio interface switch IC-RT8980 design-win in China tier1 smartphone manufacturer. 
2022/04  Audio power amplifier-RT9114B design-win in Japan tier1 electronics manufacturer for 4K LCD-TV application. 
2022/02  DDR5 Client VR on DIMM PMIC-RTQ5136, RTQ5132 design-in in world-class tier1 DDR manufacturer. 
2022/01  PMICs-RTQ6751, RTQ6513 design-win in world-class tier1 automotive panel manufacturer. 
2021/12  RTQ6748/RTQ6511 successfully mass-produced LTPS LCD panels in US electric vehicle brand in-vehicle systems through Korean panel factories. 
2021/11  Awarded “Best Delivery Award” by Vivo. 
2021/10  Awarded “Diamond Award” by LCFC. 
2021/10  Awarded “Best Delivery Award” by ZTE. 
2021/10  "2021 EE Awards Asia-Asia Gold Award" is a gold-featured energy-saving power semiconductor provider in Taiwan. 
2021/08  Launched the 4:2 high-voltage mercury fast charging product RT9758, which can realize fast charging solutions for mobile phones to achieve 100W or wireless fast charging. 
2021/07  Mass-produced CMOS Imagine Sensor (CIS) PMIC for automotive image senor with the smallest package, high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), and successfully adopted in the world-class automotive CIS company. 
2021/06  Automotive LCD PMIC-RTQ6749 design in in first tier customer. 
2021/04  Launched the first 360nA buck converter with current consumption, and the first buck-boost converter with 2uA current consumption supporting bypass mode, , and successfully adopted by mobile phones and TWS applications of international first-tier customer. 
2021/04  Dual channel PWM controller for IMVP9.1 CPU core power supply-RT3624BE design in in the first tier customer. 
2021/03  High-efficiency I2S dual channel sound audio power amplifier with frequency DRC control -RT9114B and design in in famous brand speaker products. 
2021/01  Launch High PSRR and smooth power on LDO, and adopted by an international first-tier smartphone company, for mobile phone products. 
2020/11  Small form factor synchronous step-down converter-RTQ2130 series design win in Korean automotive customer for ADAS application. 
2020/11  Type-C interface with over-voltage and ESD protection solution-RT1738 design win in first-tier NB company. 
2020/10  Developed High voltage 3-in-1 BLDC sIPM (system Integrated Power Module)  RT7056, which contains sensor-less FOC MCU, 600V high-Side-Gate-Driver, 600V MOSFET into one chip to simplify BLDC motor control and only need less than 21 external components to complete the motor control system.
2020/09  Awarded “Technology Innovation Award” by Lenovo. 
2020/08  Richtek's first ultra-low standby power consumption buck-boost converter design win in first-tier company for ultra-long standby wearable product. 
2020/05  Ultra low output noise audio amplifier with IV sense design win in first-tier mobile company. 
2020/03  PD solution design win into major electric vehicle company. 
2020/03  Mass-production of the best battery fuel gauge solution-RT9426 in Bluetooth headset products. 
2020/03  V-core IC mass production in first-tier NB company. 
2020/02  Awarded the “Excellent Service Award” by BOE. 
2019/12  Automobile display PMIC released to tier 1 automobile customer. 
2019/11  USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck-Boost Controller products adopted by WW first tier electric vehicles company. 
2019/10  Richtek products mass production in one of the world's most valuable companies. 
2019/09  Richtek level shifter with high speed interface product released in flag ship OLED TV. 
2019/09  Korea customer starts automotive LCD panel production with Richtek PMIC product. 
2019/08  Richtek received the 2019 Taiwan Enterprise iSport Award. 
2019/08  Vcore product mass production on new Intel Ice Lake platform. 
2019/07  PWM Controller for Programmable Power Converter-RT7752 started mass production in 33W fast charging and 40W PD products. 
2019/06  Starts shipping of PMIC for Korea automotive infotainment system.
2019/05  Korea first tier customer starts 8K OLED TV production with Richtek level shifter product. 
2019/04  ASIC product mass production for China first tier customer 40W fast charging solution. 
2019/02 PMIC and USB PD controller are awarded by Japan game console customer for new generation product. 
2018/12  First sine wave in cell touch signal generator get approval in major automotive LCD panel maker. 
2018/12  Award from Panasonic of “Cost Improvement Excellence Award.
2018/11 First LCD bias power solution with SIBO released to mass production. 
2018/10  First high integration power management chip (one solution) in UHD TV mass production in Korea first tier TV maker. 
2018/08  AC/DC solution IC RT7205 used in 40W charger adaptor for China customer. 
2018/07  AMOLED solution RT4730 design win in first tier customer for AMOLED PMIC RFQ. 
2018/07  New PD solution (5V/4.5A & 11V/3A) design win in first tier customer.
2018/03  NB Vcore design win in first tier customer for Intel and AMD platform.
2018/03  Design win in Japan major cluster tier1 with automotive grade HV DC/DC products. 
2018/02  BLDC 2-in-1 motor driver IC RT7075 production in Japan customer for air conditioner. 
2018/02  Design win RT2519, RT2857B in 5G base station.
2018/01  USB-PD solution RT7207, RT7786 design win in Japan customers for adapter. 
2017/12 Richtek won the bronze award of 2017 ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award.
2017/12  BLDC products receive the certification of UL-IEC 60730.
2017/10 RT5093, HV 6A boost converter features high efficiency and new process and comprehensive protection function, design win Korean 1st tier panel customer in high-end 4K LCD TV.
2017/09 RTQ6801, the 1st 6ch automotive qualified display PMIC, design win Taiwanese panel customer and Japanese automotive system maker.
2017/09 RT6948, the first display PMIC features single/dual phase control boost converter and programmable peak current, design win Korean 1st tier customer in high-end large size 4K LCD TV.
2017/09  Successfully, design-won BLDC products in Japanese air conditioner indoor fan and air cleaner projects.
2017/06  Richtek 1st WPC Qi-Certified EPP wireless power receiver (RT3180 EPP RX) passed IOP test and certification.
2017/05  Richtek 1st WPC Qi-Certified EPP wireless power transmitter (RT3181 MP-A5 TX) passed IOP test and certification.
2017/05  Richtek has won the fourth consecutive annual award of Research and Development Substitute Services (RDSS) excellent company.
2017/02  BLDC motor controller (RT7100) and the high-voltage two-in-one controller (RT7075) new product released.
2016/10 Richtek won the bronze medal award for Talent Quality Management System (TTQS) by the Workforce Development Department of the Ministry of Labor.
2016/10 Received ECO VC Silver award from Panasonic with RT2070 (automotive camera module PMIC).
2016/10 Started mass production of Direct Charge total solution TA (RT7786+RT7207) & System (RT1711+RT9748) in tier 1 China mobile phone customer.
2016/09 Designed in Smart Amp solution in tier 1 Korean customer.
2016/09 Japanese leading mobile company adopted Richtek Smart Amp and Charger solution.
2016/09 Comprehensive high voltage level shifter products featuring precise current detection for safety consideration in bezel-less 4K LCD got approval by major TV makers.
2016/08 Richtek won the annual award of Research and Development Substitute Services (RDSS) excellent company.
2016/07 4K OLED TV Display PMIC, RT6940 and high speed interface programmable gamma buffer, RT6509 design win in tier 1 Korean display customer.
2016/06 US main laptop companies adopted Richtek’s Vcore solution for INTEL and AMD platform.
2016/06 Richtek won the 4th Excellent award of 2016 National Environmental Education Award.
2016/04 Smart watch OLED display PMIC, RT4723 series products which feature fewer parts and low power got approval in boutique brand project by tier 1 chip maker.
2016/03 Establishment of Korea R&D center.
2016/03 Fast charging solution design in in voice-activated speaker product.
2016/03 First ATOM PMIC solution design in in laptop product.
2015/12 Richtek won the award of 2015 Hsinchu County Environmental Education Award and join the national competition on behalf of Hsinchu County.
2015/12 Richtek won the annual award of Research and Development Substitute Services (RDSS) excellent company.
2015/11 Design in of Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger-RT9527 for Korean wearable devices.
2015/10 Hsu-Si Investment Corp. (MediaTek Inc. 100% owns) had acquired 51% of Richtek’s outstanding shares.
2015/10 USB-PD products design win in tier 1 customers in the fields of mobile device, notebook, monitor, HDD, gaming console and network communications.
2015/10 System USB-PD Controller IC (RT7800) received the USB-IF certification.
2015/10 USB-PD (RT7786+RT7207) design win in China tier 1 customer.
2015/09 RT2875 HV Buck design in Japanese car parking assistant system.
2015/07 PC PMIC starts mass production and provides customers with effective solutions.
2015/07 Power adaptor USB-PD Controller IC (RT7207) received USB-IF certification.
2015/06 USB-PD series product release.
2015/04 Mass production of RT5030, RT5032, RT7242 for OLED TV model.
2014/12  RT1650 Wireless Charger Rx IC design in in smartphone product. 
2014/11  RT5069 PMIC design in in first-tier game console product. 
2014/11  The first automotive grade HV buck-RT2875 entered into the Japanese car infotainment market. 
2014/10  The first TV digital audio product-RT9107 commenced mass production for Chinese market. 
2014/10  Design in of OLED-RT4723 for Chinese wearable devices. 
2014/09  Design in of RT5045A PMIC for Japanese cSSD products, a milestone in the enterprise storage market. 
2014/08  Mass production of DDR Termination Regulator-RT2526, for European car and  navigation system markets. 
2014/08  Mass production of LDO-RT2518 and DC/DC converter-RT2872 for Chinese central office equipment producer. 
2014/07  Mass production of RT6923, RT5043 for UHD TV models. 
2014/07  Design win of audio codec-RT5511WSC in smartphone products. 
2014/06  Design in of Richtek’s First automotive grade WLED Dirver-RT8577Afor car infotainment  system. 
2014/06  Mass production of the first ASIC RFQ-CS-902 at China first-tier TV panel maker.
2014/05  Design win of IF-PMIC-RT5033WSC at Korean smartphone maker. 
2014/05  Design win of RT8973A WSC at Korean smartphone maker. 
2014/04  RT7736B  (SmartJitter™ PWM Flyback Controller) design in at first-tier Taiwanese power supply customer. 
2014/03  Mass production of RT5030, RT5032, RT7242 for first-tier OLED TV customer. 
2013/11 RT8237F (High Efficiency Single Synchronous Buck PWM Controller) design win in Japanese game console application. 
2013/11 Received Cost Improvement Excellence Award from Panasonic. 
2013/10 Design win of RT8580 and RT8550 in fiber optic market. 
2013/10 Design win of RT5025 in tablet system PMIC product. 
2013/09 Richtek 15th anniversary and relocated to new office space in Tai-Yuan Science Park. 
2013/08 RT5506 Audio Amplifier design win in smart phone maker. 
2013/05 Received SOEM best partner award from SONY TV. 
2013/03 Micro USB IC design win in smart phone maker. 
2013/03 RT6729 design win in tablet panel product.   
2013/03  Design win of RT9018 TV Audio product.
2012/12 ACOT HV buck design win in TV product. 
2012/12 Awarded “Excellent Partners” by Panasonic.  
2012/12 USB Switch design win for car navigation system. 
2012/12 Richtek’s first Audio subsystem product design win in mobile phone maker. 
2012/11 P-gamma IC commenced mass production in top TV panel customer. 
2012/11 HV buck IC commenced mass production in TV. 
2012/10 Synchronous Step-Down Converter-RT8082 starts shipping to China customer as a central office solution. 
2012/09 Design win of Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier-RT9146 in TV product. 
2012/08 Purchased new office space in Tai-Yuan Science Park.  
2012/06 Ranked Top 56 in “2012 INFO TECH 100 TAIWAN” by BNEXT Magazine. 
2012/06 Design win of High Efficiency PWM Step-Down DC/DC Converter- RT8010 for tablet panel product. 
2012/03 Awarded 2011 “Best Sales Award” by ASUS.  
2011/12 Certified for OHSAS18001. 
2011/11 Awarded Forbes Asia’s 200 ”Best Under A Billion” in 2011.  
2011/11 HV buck IC passed the certification at Japanese customer. 
2011/11 Photoflash charger IC passed the certification at Japanese customer. 
2011/11 Design win of RT9407 in CO site equipments. 
2011/10 Released Richtek’s first HV COT buck IC-RT7266. 
2011/10 MB Vcore solution design win at new MB customer. 
2011/10 NB Vcore solution design win at new NB customer. 
2011/09 Richtek’s first audio subsystem IC passed the certification at first-tier customer. 
2011/08 Purchased an office space in Tai-Yuan Science Park. 
2011/07 Charger, Flash LED driver, LDO design win at first-tier customer. 
2011/06 Ranked Top 27 in “2011 INFO TECH 100 TAIWAN” by BNEXT Magazine.  
2011/05 First integrated PWM+DVR solution design win at TW panel customer. 
2011/04 Mini analog base band design win at first-tier customer. 
2011/03 Richtek’s first 17V buck IC-RT8297 was released. 
2011/03 Record high sales revenue from China region. 
2011/03 Awarded 2010 “The Best Partner” by ASUS. 
2011/02 RT8208/RT8209 design win at first-tier notebook customer. 
2011/01 Richtek’s first digital programmable panel PMIC-RT6902 commenced mass production. 
2010/12 RT9292, RT8035, RT8522 design win at Japanese first-tier DSLR/DVC customer. 
2010/11 Awarded Forbes Asia’s 200 ”Best Under A Billion” in 2010. 
2010/10 World’s smallest 7CH DSC PMU commenced mass production. 
2010/09 Richtek 1st TCON IC worked to light up the LCD panel. 
2010/08 LCD TV PMU commenced mass production with first-tier Korean and Taiwanese panel makers. 
2010/07 Netbook Vcore design win in Intel Cedar Trail CRB. 
2010/06 Ranked Top 22 in “2010 INFO TECH 100 TAIWAN” by BNEXT Magazine. 
2010/06 4+1 Channel Power Management IC-RT9953 design win at first-tier Japanese customer for DVC application.
2010/06 World’s smallest NB system buck commenced mass production via V04 8-inch process. 
2010/05 Synchronous Step-Down Converter-RT8057 design win in Japanese game console application. 
2010/05 Micro-USB IC Version 2.0 design-win at first-tier Korean customer. 
2010/04 PMU for 3G data card for Chinese first-tier maker commenced mass production. 
2010/03 Asynchronous Boost WLED Driver-RT8519 design win in Japanese first-tier game console customer.
2010/02 TSMC 0.25um BCD began mass production. 
2010/01 MUIC USB Version 1.10 commenced mass production. 
2009/12 Awarded ISO9001 RWTUV certification.
2009/12 Purchased 4th and 5th floors of No.95, Minquan Rd., Xindian City, Taipei County. These office floors will become Richtek’s Taipei office.
2009/11 Richtek CEO Dr. Luke Hsieh was invited to give a speech at the 2009 GSA Semiconductor Leaders Forum in Taiwan. Speech title: A Local Eye on the Global Analog IC Industry.
2009/08 Single-Phase PWM Controller-RT8152 for NB Vcore achieved design-win with local customers.
2009/07 Began mass productions of a series of 24V high voltage synchronous buck converters for AP/WR/xDSL/STB applications.
2009/04 Single Synchronous Buck Controller -RT8209 achieved design-win at Taiwanese OEM/ODM customer.
2009/02 Commenced 8-inch process migration.
2009/02 Commenced shipments of RT9941 PMU for SiRF’s A4 GPS solution
2009/01 First product in the Lighting sector, RT8450, started shipping, which marked the entry of Richtek into the LED Lighting industry.
2008/12 LED driver ICs for FPD backlight design win in Samsung & CMO. 
2008/12 Finished joint project of "Smart Digital Multi-Mode DC-DC Power management SoC” between Richtek and National Ministry of Economic Affairs. It helps building Richtek’s know-how in the next generation digital VRM development.
2008/11 Developed next generation high voltage BCD-based Buck DC-DC converter RT825X/RT826X 1A~3A/24V series products, with our innovative technology we are able to further reduce the chip size and increase our product competitiveness. 
2008/11 Developed super high frequency Buck SIP Converter to meet the trend of shrinking PCB layout and inductor-less requirement. 
2008/10 Richtek 10th anniversary celebrations and journal publication.
2008/04 Purchased the office at 4th Floor of No. 20 building in the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park. 
2008/03 Multiple (4/3/2/1) phases of PWM controller with two embedded drivers for Intel VR11.1 Vcore was launched into mass production. 
2008/03 Richtek passed Intel SCQI (Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement) requirements for 4 consecutive quarters and received Intel’s “Preferred Quality Supplier” Award again.
2007/11 Received "The Best Under A Billion" award from Forbes magazine.
2007/11 The switching DC-DC power solutions applied to NB were launched into production.
2007/10 A Digital Boost converter to Drive White LEDs" was accepted by 2008 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). 
2007/09 Received "Green Partner Certificate" from Sony, which aided market share in Japan and market extension worldwide.
2007/08 PMU, with 5x5 7CH package applied to DSC, were into mass production and approved by DSC makers.
2007/06 Richtek developed the topology of NB Vcore NAVP and was invited for a speech in 2007 PESC (Power Electronics Specialists Conference).
2007/03 Richtek scored high in Intel's SCQI (Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement) performance assessment so to receive "Certified Supplier Award."
2007/01 Subsidized by National Ministry of Economic Affairs of Project "Smart Digital Multi-Mode DC-DC Power Management SoC," which denoted Richtek's technology capability in DPWM.
2006/12 Received Intel's Certified Supplier Award.
2006/12 Completed the product modification to meet the demand of RoHS.
2006/11 Fulfilled the PKI subsidy project of National Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2006/09 Richtek was invited to present "NAVPTM for wide input range mobile AVP applications" on ATI Thermo-Mechanical Packaging & Power Technology Forum & Exposition 2006.
2006/10 The monthly sales passed the mark of NT$ 500 millions.
2006/02 Got Dell supplier award plaque.
2005/04 The only Taiwanese company to give a speech at the IIC exhibition.
2005/10 Monthly sales exceeded NT$30M mark.
2005/12 Awarded the Samsung Top 10 2005 Outstanding Supplier Award by Samsung Taiwan IPC.
2004/12 Certified for ISO-14000.
2004/09 Presented Richtek's leading edge technology at Intel ITS held in San Francisco. The only company in Asia invited by Intel to give a speech.
2004/03 Purchased an office building of 1,200 square meters in Tai-Yuan Science Park.
2003/11 Capitalization from retained earnings & capital reserve of NT$211.72M; paid-in capital increased to NT$511.72M.
2003/10 Issued IPO on October 21st.
2002/12 Capital of NT$32.16M raised; paid-in capital increased to NT$300M.
2002/08 Capitalization from retained earnings & capital reserve of NT$111.14M; paid-in capital increased to NT$267.84M.
2002/05 Worldwide first Programmable Voltage Detector IC launched.
2002/03 Multi-phase PWM Controller & Driver IC for P4 CPU launched.
2002/01 Worldwide first DDR Terminator IC launched.
2001/10 Capital of NT$25.25M raised; paid-in capital increased to NT$156.7M.
2001/07 Capital of NT$11.95M raised & capitalization from retained earnings of NT$29.5M; paid-in capital increased to NT$131.45M.
2001/06 Oracle ERP system installed in operation.
2001/04 PWM IC production for M/B exceeded 1KK mark.
2001/02 PWM IC passed the qualification by ASUS.
2000/11 USB port protection IC launched.
2000/07 Capital of NT$30M raised; paid-in capital increased to NT$90M.
2000/07 Certified for ISO9001 RWTUV.
1999/07 PWM IC passed the qualification by HP and Compaq.
1999/06 ACPI controller for M/B launched.
1999/06 4 in 1 PWM IC for M/B launched.
1999/01 3 in 1 PWM IC for M/B launched.
1998/12 First product, RT34063A, launched.
1998/11 Capital of NT$55M raised; paid-in capital increased to NT$60M.
1998/09 Richtek founded, with an initial capital of NT$5M.