Ethics is one of the most important business philosophies we have and it is made aware to every management level by the Board of Directors. Internally, all internal rules and documentations for external usage emphasize that ethical corporate management is an important operational philosophy. The Board of Directors has also introduced independent directors to overview the Company’s operation decisions and monthly audit reports delivered by our internal auditor. Externally, when entering into contracts with other parties, the contracts would contain provisions demanding the compliance of ethical corporate conducts and if the counterparties are suspected of engaging in unethical conduct, the Company may at any time terminate or cancel the contracts. The Company’s administrative department is in charge of receiving complaints on unethical conducts, and has incorporated the policies of ethical corporate management into its employee performance appraisal system and human resource policies to establish a clear and effective reward and discipline system. The Company’s internal auditor carries out random examinations on our internal control system, and reports to the directors and supervisors of any unethical conduct.